After a good amount of time out of the business, I am back! I've decided that instead of posting written reviews on this website that I am going to focus more on other things like my app awards on the home page!

I put some app awards on my home page. What do you think of them? You can tell me in the forum. Also, what do you think I should do about the app reviews. Do you want me to write like three sentences about an app occasionally. Feel free to write a review in the forum or to email me one!


I have been really busy lately and I am still a little under the weather. I am still going to be writing reviews periodically but not as often as I had hoped. Feel free to contact me if you want to write some reviews. Thanks for visiting my website!


I plan to try to write at least one review a day and i am going to add a new section to my website tomorrow--iMob Codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been looking for a search bar that will allow you to search my website(mostly to help you find the app review you are looking for). I havent been able to find one so you will have to use the old fashion method. Press ctrl, or command if you have a mac, and the F button. Then search the title of the app you are looking for and you should be able to find the app you are looking for.


Right now I am working on the imob section of my website! I will display my stats, cheats, hints, quick fact, and facts about weapons, missions, and properties. Enjoy!


My website now has advertisements provided by google. There will be advertisements on almost all pages. But no need to worry, all ads will be relevant to the site. These advertsements are placed on the website to earn me a small amount of money based on how many times an ad is clicked on. Most of the money I earn will go towards improving my youtube channel. I am sorry for the incovenience.


I have begun making a website. This section is my blog and will be all about what is I am doing with either youtube or this website or anything that will have any effect on you. Some things I will be posting will include future videos, if I have made a purchase of an item that will improve viewing experience such as a new camera, contests (if I have any), and anything else i feel like writing. I will inform you now that this website will be set up with google adsense. This means you will see ads on my website. But no need to worry, all ads will be relevant. I am hard at work making this website and I hope you enjoy it