This section of my website will be about iMob Online!



I have just discovered a brand new cheat. I will wait a while to make a video of this cheat so for now my website viewers will have the upperhand! So here goes. When you buy respect points you get a whole new app just like the regular imob with some respect points added. There is one small glitch in those respect points... your energy, and stamina don't match the regular app. Say you have 15 energy and you buy 10 respect points. You would be able to use that 15 respect points twice. Better yet, when you install the respect points it is set to match the regular app. So if you have 15 energy in the original game and you install the 10 respect points you get another 15. The cheat comes in that you can keep installing and uninstallling(you only have to pay once) the respect points and keep getting that 15 energy. There is still more you can do! When you install it the money carries over to the respect point app but once it is installed they do not match so you can buy weapons or properties which always carry over to the other application(you might have to delete the app and reinstall for it to carry over--it is ok to delete both apps but i wouldnt reccomend deleting them at the same time). It works for stamina too so you can double your fighting! The only problem with this cheat  is that you might end up paying a little extra for medical bills. I am sure there is more stuff that you can do with this cheat that I haven't discovered yet. I will just give a fair warning that this cheat is really confusing. Any questions? Contact Me.
The developers have fixed almost all cheats. Only one way to cheat still exists--jailbreaking. Users who jailbreak can get 685 respect points for free(you get those respect points by using the program that lets you get free apps--I am not sure what it is) and there may be other ways for jailbroken people to cheat.


1.) You do not attack with your full mob! You only attack with 10 times your level. For example, a level 25 who has 500 in his mob will only attack with 250 mob members. Those mob members can each attack with a weapon, armor, and a vehicle. This means that the level 25 player can attack with 250 weapons, 250 armors, and 250 vehicles. (You attack with the weapons/armors/vehicles you have purchased most recently.
2.) Buy Properties.
3.) Earn money and experience by fighting.
4.) Fight people with smaller mobs then you.
5.) Post your code in the iMob Forum, my forum, or on one of my videos to get a bigger mob.
6.) Buy Respect Points.

7.) You can't attack people while they are in the emergency room but you can kick them.
8.) Ask people in your mob to attack you so you can gain experience. They usually will. Be careful though, specify a level or you may get attacked by people better than you.
9.) After you attack someone post your number in their comments.
10.) If someone is giving you trouble tell your mob and they will help you. But make sure they have a way to find that person. For example, if that person is in your comments tell them they are in your comments.


iMob Quick Facts

1.) When fighting you can win up to $70,000 but you can lose up to $100,000.
2.) You can cause up to 29 damage when fighting.
3.) When you kick someone you can cause anywhere from 1 to 5 damage.
4.) Your Mark is based on how much property you own. The more property you own, the higher your mark.



Lead Pipe:
Cost: $300
Attack: 1
Defense: 0

Police Baton:
Cost: $700
Attack: 1
Defense: 1

.22 Pistol:
Cost: $1,000
Attack: 2
Defense: 2

.50 Cal Handgun:
Cost: $2,000
Attack: 3
Defense: 1

Sawed Off Shotgun:
Cost: $3,000
Attack: 2
Defense: 4

Sub Machine Gun:
Cost: $15,000
Attack: 3
Defense: 3

Military Rifle:
Cost: $15,000
Attack: 6
Defense: 3

Chain Gun:
Cost: $120,000
Attack: 12
Defense: 10

Remote Land Mine:
Cost: $200,000
Attack: 16
Defense: 14

Cost: $400,000
Attack: 19
Defense: 14

Cost $100 (You can not buy)
Attack: 2
Defense: 2

Riot Shield:
Cost: $6,000

Attack: 2
Defense: 4

Night Vision Goggles:
Cost: $16,000
Attack: 4
Defense: 7

Laser Scopes:
Cost: $300,000
Attack: 7
Defense: 15

Two Door Coupe:
Cost: $20,000
Attack: 3
Defense: 3

Luxary Car:
Cost: $40,000
Attack: 4
Defense: 5

Armored SUV:
Cost: $60,000
Attack: 4
Defense: 6

Stretch Limo:
Cost: $90,000
Attack: 6
Defense: 7

Armored Van:
Cost: $400,000
Attack: 10
Defense: 12

Big Rig:
Cost: $700,000
Attack: 15
Defense: 17

Armored Military Truck:
Cost: $1,500,000
Attack: 18
Defense: 16

Speed Boat: (used for mission)
Cost: $4,500,000
Attack: 0
Defense: 0

Luxary Jets:
Cost: $45,000,000
Attack: 0
Defense: 0


Purch Snatching:
Required: 1 Energy

Payout: $100-$200
Experience: +1

Home Invasion:
Required: 3 Energy, 1 Lead Pipe

Payout: $750-$1,300
Experience: +3

Grand Theft Auto:
Required: 5 Energy, 1 .22 Pistol

Payout: $1,250-$2,250
Experience: +5

Liquor Store Break In:
Required: 7 Energy, 2 Mob Members, 1 .22 Pistol, 1 Sawed Off Shotgun

Payout: $3,000-$5,000
Experience: +8

Required: 10 Energy, 1 Two Door Coupe

Payout: $4,200-$6,200
Experience: +13

Diamond Theft:
Required: 15 Energy, 3 Sub Machine Guns, 1 Stretch Limo

Payout: $5,000-$20,000
Experience: +18

Required: 18 Energy, 20 Grenades, 3 Armored SUVs

Payout: $50,000-$75,000
Experience: +20

Required: 25 Energy, 3 Armored Vans, 10 Military Rifles, 10 Night Vision Goggles

Payout: $50,000-$500,000
Experience: +30

Boat Hijacking:
Required: 30 Energy, 21 Mob Members, 1 Bazooka, 1 Speed Boat, 1 Dock

Payout: $500,000-$900,000
Experience: +35

Art Museum Heist:
Required: 35 Energy, 36 Mob Members, 1 Stash House, 35 Security Uniforms, 5 Big Rigs

Payout: $2,000,000-$4,000,000
Experience: +45

Prep Jobs- Grenade:
Required: 10 Energy, 8 Mob Members

Payout: 20 Grenades
Experience: +10

Prep Jobs- Security Uniforms:
Required: 8 Energy, 2 Mob Members, 1 Stretch Limo

Payout: 35 Security Uniforms
Experience: +5

Prep Jobs- Stash House:
Required: 10 Energy, 4 Mob Members

Payout: 1 Stash House
Experience: +5



Bed and Breakfast:
Built on: Land Fill
Starting Cost: $10,000
Income: $300

Fast Food Franchise:
Built on: Land Fill
Starting Cost: $25,000
Income: $500

Built on: Avenue
Starting Cost: $220,000
Income: $4,000

Built on: Avenue
Starting Cost: $480,000
Income: $10,000

Shopping Plaza:
Built on: Uptown District
Starting Cost: $1,575,000
Income: $100,000

Night Club:
Built on: Sea Front Lot
Starting Cost: $3,300,000
Income: $150,000

Built on: Uptown Disrict
Starting Cost: $50,000,000
Income: $250,000

Undeveloped Land:

Land Fill: 
Starting Cost: $5,000
Income: $100

Starting Cost: $50,000
Income: $300

Uptown District:
Starting Cost: $1,000,000
Income: $2,000

Sea Front Lot:
Starting Cost: $4,000,000
Income: $8,000

Starting Cost: $6,000,000
Income: $12,000

My stats on iMob

My Profile:
Level: 36 (I have reset several times)
Mob Members: 1824

Attack Stength: 38
Defense Power: 38
Max Energy: 17
Max Health: 140
Max Stamina: 11
Total Experience: 6854

Jobs Completed: 349
Fights Won: 3514
Fights Lost: 1889
Kill Count: 311
Death Count: 107
Bounty Kills: 64

Lead Pipes: 1
Police Batons: 1
.22 Pistols: 1
.50 Cal Handguns: 1
Sawed Off Shotguns: 12
Sub Machine Guns: 25
Military Rifles: 25
Chain Guns: 50
Remote Land Mines: 50
Bazookas: 425

Riot Shields: 16
Night Vision Goggles: 50
Laser Scopes: 410

Two Door Coupes: 1
Luxary Cars: 1
Armored SUVs: 22
Stretch Limos: 25
Armored Vans: 5
Big Rigs: 50
Armored Military Trucks: 350
Speed Boats: 0
Luxary Jet: 0

Hourly Income: $82,714,000

Land Fills: 300
Avenues: 300
Uptown Disricts: 14
Sea Front Lots: 22
Docks: 50

Bed and Breakfasts: 300
Fast Food Franchises: 300
Duplexes: 300
Motels: 300
Shopping Plazas: 300
Night Clubs: 264
Casinos: 31